Intermezzo-Japan is founded at the end of 2018 by a group of 4 Dutch photographers – artists who combine Dutch and Japanese impressions through their art. The formation found its origin in their connection through Photography School Statief located in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Intermezzo-Japan initiated a journey to Japan in May 2019 but prior to this they exposed their work through different ways to the public in the Netherlands. In Japan a range of meetings and encounters took place to share their work in places like Kyoto, Nara and Takayama to enable future support for Japanese expositions. Two expositions  for 2020 are the direct outcome of this; The Kyoto–Photo museum and the Nara-Photo museum.

Returning from Japan the portfolio of the photographers has been presented at the Leiden-Japanese Market organized by the “Sieboldhouse”, the famous Japan-Museum, the “artist-ring” of “Fort Vuren”, at the art fair in De Bilt, Gallery “Kapper” and “Stok” in Utrecht. Future expositions will take place in Utrecht and in Kyoto, Japan. The work created by the four photographers is diverse, each of them led by their own inspiration, though sometimes influenced by each others approach.

Conny van Rijn

I create what I see by crafting in photography and drawing


Karin Vlugter

My work is a combination of graphic design and photography

Jet Vugts

Photography is a way of expressing myself


Martin van Thiel

The picture I imagine is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen